Your pre-wedding detox retreat with Sura Detox

Want to look and feel fantastic on your wedding day? 

You're in the right place!

detox for weddings

detox retreat testimonialsI was looking for somewhere unusual to take my girls, somewhere a bit more restful and nurturing than Las Vegas, but I never could have guessed the gifts that Sura provided.

It was a good stretch for my bridesmaids, and we all looked stunning for the wedding photos, but more importantly we all learned so much about ourselves - with the incredible support of the team.

Now I have to go back with my husband, so he can understand where my new sense of happiness and ambition come from, and the changes I've made to our diet and my job.

I'm starting my marriage and my new family with a new me ! *detox retreat testimonials

Debbie P. - York

We can help you lose weight, get your eyes sparkling, your skin radiant and your energy topped-up for your big day.

Fasting is an age-old practice, historically used by people as a method of purification, prior to embarking on life-changing transitions. Here at Sura Detox we are able to help prepare you for the transition to married life by meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We can resource you against the stress of arranging the event.

detox retreat testimonials The retreat was exactly what I needed to focus my wedding planning and preparation.

I went a year ahead of my wedding and it helped me to kick-start my healthy eating, as well as clear my mind and body for the busiest year of my life!

I came away feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready for everything and anything.

Thank you Sura ! *detox retreat testimonials

Anita O - Ireland

Whilst feeling excited about your big day and the new life ahead of you, you may also be feeling anxious, fearful and overwhelmed. This is normal and during your stay with us you'll have plenty of quiet time for reflection, one-on-one talking support to work through your emotions and general down-time for yourself.

You can join in with the daily meditation, Tai-Chi and Yoga, you can take yourself off for a peaceful country walk or flop in front of the TV with a feel good movie. You can also take the time to deal with last minute plans.

detox for weddings

detox retreat testimonialsI knew my wedding day was only the first step into my new life with Kevin, and that our future together would see the patter of tiny feet. So I was thrilled when he agreed to come with me.

Sura's feedback was clear that is was the best thing to do, not only for us, but also for our children to come.

Five years later, we are the healthiest and most positive parents we know, and I thank the Sura Detox team for the helping us to put our best foot forward.*detox retreat testimonials

Sarah & Kevin - London

Whatever you need, we're here to help, and even offer a discount for pre-wedding groups.

We also welcome you to share your experience and the benefits you will gain by bringing someone special with you.

Maybe your mum or your bridesmaids, or even your partner to be?

How would it be for your wedding preparations to increase your health, your understanding, and even your fertility. See our fertility page to understand why.

Our promise is that you will leave us feeling lighter, brighter, & more confident; ready to enjoy your day.

detox for weddings detox for weddings

A wedding present from us ...

Book your pre-wedding detox and for each extra person you bring we'll give you £100 off !

Treat your mum, bridesmaid, or best friend to a cleansing rest, and a week with you before you get married.

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