Detox Retreat Testimonials

Sura Detox has been awarded


At the end of each detox retreat, some of our clients are keen to share their experiences.

Many are striking, some are emotional, but all are authentic and unscripted.

All of these video testimonials are recorded at the end of their week's stay with us.

As well as these recorded reviews, many prefer to write their experiences rather than speak them (cameras can be so intimidating), so the previous years of written testimonials can be seen following this links below

You can also find us with a healthy set of reviews on tripadvisor by following this link.

Zilla E. - Mum

Mar 2018

detox retreat testimonials It was a truly transformational week for me around nutrition, food & my emotions, and feeling so much better.*detox retreat testimonials

Eleanor H. - Mum

Mar 2018

detox retreat testimonials It was a truly transformational week for me around nutrition, food & my emotions, and feeling so much better.*detox retreat testimonials

Adam & Louise

Mar 2018

detox retreat testimonials Adam: If I can do it, anyone can.
LouiseIf you don't do it here, you are mad. *detox retreat testimonials

Luissa B. - Model

Jan 2018

detox retreat testimonials It was a truly transformational week for me around nutrition, food & my emotions, and feeling so much better.*detox retreat testimonials

Danny D. - Head Chef

Jan 2018

detox retreat testimonials A new perspective on food has arrived, and I feel full of energy, and my mind is clearer than it has ever been.*detox retreat testimonials

Natasha. - Psychologist

Nov 2017

detox retreat testimonials It has been a wonderful week - so much information here, and plenty of space for resting or yoga.*detox retreat testimonials

Christie. - Counsellor

Nov 2017

detox retreat testimonials My 4th retreat here, and I've had another amazing week. Just what I needed.*detox retreat testimonials

Rohini. - Business Woman

July 2017

detox retreat testimonials It has been totally heart centred - I’ve been moved in ways I never expected or explored before.*detox retreat testimonials

Linda. - Hypnotherapist

July 2017

detox retreat testimonialsI’ve been to many retreats, and this is only one that is truly nurturing, and the space is help so beautifully. *detox retreat testimonials

Oddhild. - from Norway

July 2017

detox retreat testimonialsThings get easy after a few days, and an amazing energy returned that I haven’t felt for years. *detox retreat testimonials

Harry. - Pharmacist

July 2017

detox retreat testimonials Its all well presented, and kind.
Second to none.
The top of their game.*detox retreat testimonials

Julia. - Business Woman

July 2017

detox retreat testimonials I came to lose weight but it’s been life-changing instead. It’s been 10 times better than I expected.*detox retreat testimonials

Sophie & Ade - new friends

May 2017

detox retreat testimonialsSophie : What makes Sura special is the absolute love & integrity of the team.*
Ade : I’ve reconnected with myself and my relationship with food. * detox retreat testimonials

Sue. - Alternative Health

May 2017

detox retreat testimonials The level of care stands this place a part from the rest. They’ve perfected what they do.*detox retreat testimonials

Jo B. - came from Carribean

May 2017

detox retreat testimonials The daily talks have changed my idea of how I go forward from this. And best of all, I feel myself again.*detox retreat testimonials

Greg G. - Businessman

May 2017

detox retreat testimonialsI was not in a good place when I got here, but I’m back to myself again, and I have a spring in my step. *detox retreat testimonials

Amanda. - Business Woman

Apr 2017

detox retreat testimonials I was looking for somewhere authentic, and I can’t describe how much I’ve got out of it. If you want to take care of your entire being, this is the place to come. *detox retreat testimonials

Siobhan U. - Hotel Manager

Apr 2017

detox retreat testimonials If you’re not sure where you’re going, if your stuck in a rut, or if everything in the world is becoming stressful. Come here, and you’ll go home feeling amazing. *detox retreat testimonials

Simon K. - Set Designer

Apr 2017

detox retreat testimonials My 2nd visit here & I’ve heard things I didn’t hear before. I’m going away with a new resolve to do things much better for much longer. *detox retreat testimonials

Alistair G. - Ecologist

Mar 2017

detox retreat testimonials I came again with low energy, and its done eveything it promises. It's much more than a detox, it refreshes all matters of health and wellbeing. *detox retreat testimonials

Astra B. - Aerialist

Mar 2017

detox retreat testimonials I have done 5 other detoxes - and this one knocks all the others out of the water. I’ve got a really deep understanding of what this is really all about. *detox retreat testimonials

Rod L. - Engineer

Mar 2017

detox retreat testimonials I have come out of it with a clear mind, a clear body, and a pretty clear view of where I want to go - which is more than I was expecting ! *detox retreat testimonials

Jackie R. - Seamstress

Mar 2017

detox retreat testimonials I feel 10 years younger, completely alive, extremely happy and content.
It wasn't as hard as I thought, and it made me realise who I am as a person *detox retreat testimonials

Rose S. - Interpreter

Feb 2017

detox retreat testimonials I was heading for a burnout.
I'm heading home with a new sense of who I am, with tools to eat better, more healthily and more sustainably ! *detox retreat testimonials

Nikki K. - Care Manager

Feb 2017

detox retreat testimonials I was looking for safe space to destress, and unload. To nurture me, and learn how to live better.

I found it here. *detox retreat testimonials

Susie S. - Psychotherapist

Jan 2017

detox retreat testimonials I learned much more during this week here at Sura Detox than I did in a whole month-long Ayurvedic retreat in India last year ! *detox retreat testimonials

Axel C. - Student

Jan 2017

detox retreat testimonials I came for releif from my chronic pain, which has mostly subsided now.

Such an amazing experience - I feel like a changed person. *detox retreat testimonials

Lou B. - Retired

Jan 2017

detox retreat testimonials I came for a new relationship with food, and to lose weight, which I got. But the main thing was realisating how I relate to food and other people. *detox retreat testimonials

Andrea K. - Student

Jan 2017

detox retreat testimonials I was surprised to find that it wasn’t hard without food at all.

The information you learn here will stay with you for the rest of your life. *detox retreat testimonials

Caroline & Gill

Nov 2016

detox retreat testimonials Caroline : The fuel to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make.
Gill : You just need to come a do this - the most amazing experience I've had. *detox retreat testimonials

Paul H. - Barrister

Nov 2016

detox retreat testimonialsThis is the best thing I’ve spent money on in my life.
Heartily recommended.*detox retreat testimonials

Ray V. - Self-builder

Nov 2016

detox retreat testimonialsI was stressed, repressed and depressed.
I now feel refresh, invigorated, and empowered.*detox retreat testimonials

Veronica W. - Midwife

Oct 2016

detox retreat testimonialsI feel lighter and brighter.
This retreat is second to none.
Even my husband enjoyed it*detox retreat testimonials

Sharon & Jo. - new friends

Oct 2016

detox retreat testimonialsSharon : I’m going away with so much unexpected knowledge
Jo : As a therapist, I know the massages were superb, as was the whole retreat.*detox retreat testimonials

Mandy S. - GP

Sept 2016

detox retreat testimonialsI have been looked after in a spectacular way !
My age-old neck problem is 100% better.*detox retreat testimonials

Susan S. - Counsellor

Sept 2016

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd retreat here, an I feel so connected with myself.
Give yourself a gift - time out of your life.*detox retreat testimonials

Colette M. - Teacher

July 2016

detox retreat testimonialsNo hunger cravings, whatsoever !
Dao's fascinating talks were the highlight for me.*detox retreat testimonials

Susan S. - Psychotherapist

April 2016

detox retreat testimonialsThe 5 team members are top quality in presence and caring. I come back every 6 months, & there is always more depth.*detox retreat testimonials

John L. - Events Manager

April 2016

detox retreat testimonialsNerves nearly had me cancel before I came. So worth it. So if you’re feeling that - have courage.*detox retreat testimonials

Lisa O. Pharmacy Assistant

April 2016

detox retreat testimonialsOne word... Wow !!! *detox retreat testimonials

The shortest and most succinct testimony in history.

Julie C. - Linguist

March 2016

detox retreat testimonialsI’d been looking for a serious fast and this is the place to do it. Best quality place, people and programme.*detox retreat testimonials

Sophia H.

March 2016

detox retreat testimonialsIt was actually really easy not to eat. All the therapies were great - the team are all obviously experts in their fields.*detox retreat testimonials

Nancy & Sian

Jan 2016

detox retreat testimonialsNancy : I came to heal myself of regular migraines.*detox retreat testimonials

detox retreat testimonialsSian : I have been on many retreats, and this is the best.*detox retreat testimonials

Helle & Dee

Jan 2016

detox retreat testimonialsHelle : The whole retreat is so well put together.*detox retreat testimonials

detox retreat testimonialsDee : I feel rejuvenated, and my thinking feels so clear.*detox retreat testimonials

Gaynor F.

Jan 2016

detox retreat testimonialsMy second detox - after 12 years. I come for the peace that's created here, and getting away from the stresses of life.*detox retreat testimonials

Debbie C - Charity worker

Nov 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI can't think of anywhere else that you kind the amount and depth of nutritional information, or the level of support as Sura provides. I'll be back next year.*detox retreat testimonials

Hamza - Professor

Nov 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI believe the food plan laid out here is the most scientific I have found, and I take 9 hours to get here from Egypt - every year.*detox retreat testimonials

Catherine J. & Susie B.

Oct 2015

detox retreat testimonialsCatherine : I feel reconnected*detox retreat testimonials

detox retreat testimonialsSusie : Brought everything together, with no pressure*detox retreat testimonials

Luke K. - IT developer

Oct 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI have understood how to support myself. I could not have been in greater hands. Thank you Sura Detox.*detox retreat testimonials

Zoe I. & Julio K.

Oct 2015

detox retreat testimonialsZoe : I review massages, and these are the best I've had - anywhere*detox retreat testimonials

detox retreat testimonialsJulio : Such freedom, & no pressure*detox retreat testimonials

Mike S. - Osteopath

Sept 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI have realised I have always had an impulsive approach to food, and I hope to change it to a conscious approach.*detox retreat testimonials

Judy and Jan - Old friends

Sept 2015

detox retreat testimonialsThe team present a united, safe, loving, comfortable environment for us to sink into.*detox retreat testimonials

Ollie & Sophie - New friends

Sept 2015

detox retreat testimonialsThere's plenty to do, but you're not made to do any of it, and to know you're in a safe place makes it all easy.*detox retreat testimonials

Sarah's Rap - Trainer

Sept 2015

detox retreat testimonialsRapped - Sura Detox is the place if you want to stop stuffing food in your face...*detox retreat testimonials

Antonina M. - Banker

July 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI came to reconnect with my body and emotions. I achieved that 110%.

Do yourself a favour and come here.*detox retreat testimonials

Jethro T. - Chimneysweep

July 2015

detox retreat testimonialsThe main thing is the support.

The gifts they share are deep and rich.

Highly recommended.*detox retreat testimonials

Ade - Designer

July 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI was vulnerable and laid bare, but the support from the team is huge.

I surpassed my goal.*detox retreat testimonials

Glyn & Cath. - Cab Company

June 2015

detox retreat testimonialsGlyn's 3rd; Unbeleivable. Leaving positive, assertive & healthy.

Cath's 4th; Changed my life again.*detox retreat testimonials

Natasha S. - Director

June 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMy first detox retreat in UK.

The team are fantastic & supportive, and the treatments are the best.*detox retreat testimonials

Rogier H. - EU Lawyer

June 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI thoroughly enjoyed Dao's talks and Daniel's therapy. I found it very restful, and warmly recommend it.*detox retreat testimonials

Parveen A. - Consultant

June 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMy 2nd time - because they're the best.

If you're looking for a genuine detox, Sura is the place.*detox retreat testimonials

Chloe W. - IT Consultant

May 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd retreat, and I wouldn't come if it wasn't so amazing.

It is such a boost to me emotionally.*detox retreat testimonials

Claire W. - Director

May 2015

detox retreat testimonialsThe fasting is a tenth of the experience.

It is really about how you got to where you are, and how to function better.*detox retreat testimonials

Daisy B. - Actress

May 2015

detox retreat testimonialsEach of the team are at the top of their field. You can explore yourself it really safe hands here.*detox retreat testimonials

Matt & Fleur - City Boy

April 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMatt; It was a stretch for me but very profound. Nice one Dao.

Fleur; The team live and love what they do. And they do it so well.*detox retreat testimonials

Andrea & Lorraine - Nurses

April 2015

detox retreat testimonialsGreat experience. Excellent team. Never bored or hungry. I'm now a blank canvass for good habits.*detox retreat testimonials

Emma B. - Gardener

March 2015

detox retreat testimonialsTransformative & Nourishing.

I have seen how I treat myself and world, and how I want to treat it.*detox retreat testimonials

Morweena S. - Nurse

March 2015

detox retreat testimonialsA wonderful & insightful week which has left me with an overwhelming sense of calm because of the great team.*detox retreat testimonials

Isabel C. - CFS ME leave

March 2015

detox retreat testimonialsI came to reset my life and diet after years of CFS ME, and I am leaving feeling vibrant, positive and uplifted.*detox retreat testimonials

Andrew L. - Drummer

Feb 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd retreat, I have been massively healthier since the last ones. This was the hardest, most insightful and healing.*detox retreat testimonials

Julia B. - Director

Feb 2015

detox retreat testimonialsCome to be supported by their sincerity, passion and knowledge, but from deep in their hearts.*detox retreat testimonials

Richard G. - Director

Feb 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd retreat, and I have had a fantastic time and an abundance of energy.

So glad I came back.*detox retreat testimonials

Vyv & Martine

Jan 2015

Vyv detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd time here. The care & Support are second to none.*detox retreat testimonials

Martine detox retreat testimonials Educational & Nurturing.*detox retreat testimonials

Mike B. - Retired

Jan 2015

detox retreat testimonialsMy 2nd week here - fantastic and more challenging, but they're so supportive, they really know what they're doing.*detox retreat testimonials

Rose & Sara

Jan 2015

Rose detox retreat testimonialsIt's given me an amazing array of tools to go forward.*detox retreat testimonials

Sara detox retreat testimonialsThe support has been fantastic.*detox retreat testimonials

Kim F. - Marketting

Nov 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThe team is so caring and also so genuine, caring for us on so many levels.

An amazing experience.*detox retreat testimonials

Terry, Melanie & Debbie

Nov 2014

detox retreat testimonialsSo many activities and great therapies to explore our feelings, etc.

The people you meet here are the best.*detox retreat testimonials

Jo, Iro & Amelie from Greece

Nov 2014

detox retreat testimonialsWe asked them to report in Greek !

They certainly had a lovely time, learned lots and left happy !*detox retreat testimonials

Gillian B. - Marketting

Nov 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI felt the whole team were hugging me 360 degrees the whole time.

I am leaving like a different person.*detox retreat testimonials

Sue P. - Sales

Nov 2014

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd retreat, and the team held us all together like a family.!

I've lost weight of course, but also old ways of being*detox retreat testimonials

Sinead C. - Sales

Oct 2014

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd time; very restful and a respite from my pre-wedding prep.

The team are again fantastic and I couldn't recommend it highly enough.*detox retreat testimonials

Debra B. - Photographer

Oct 2014

detox retreat testimonialsIts been amazing and I haven't been hungry once ! I've lost half a stone, but I realise now that wasn't my goal*detox retreat testimonials

Maren K. - IT manager

Sept 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI didn't know this was a fast. It wasn't nearly as scary as I thought.

But it was so easy and relaxing.*detox retreat testimonials

Trev K. - Artist

Sept 2014

detox retreat testimonialsIt wasn't really about the fasting for me.

The facilitators make the experience much bigger than that.*detox retreat testimonials

Nicky K. - Yoga & Massage

Sept 2014

detox retreat testimonialsMy first fast, and it has been
truly life-changing.

Come and do it for yourself.*detox retreat testimonials

Nathalie C. - School Teacher

July 2014

detox retreat testimonialsOther retreats are going to be nothing in comparison to this.

I am glowing, and floating home.*detox retreat testimonials

Carolyn C. - Retired Nurse

July 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI came to lose weight, and got so much more. The not eating is easy and the team are great..*detox retreat testimonials

Navjit P. - Researcher

July 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThis retreat paints the big picture and makes it doable. Inspired by the "why", & empowering with the 'how'..*detox retreat testimonials

Ella P. - Project Manager

June 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThis is my 3rd retreat.
And it is a testament to the whole retreat process that I keep coming back.*detox retreat testimonials

Mera A. - Naturopath

June 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI was told I was glowing after my first retreat, so I'm back again.

I've been on others, but this is the best.*detox retreat testimonials

Folake A. - from Nigeria

June 2014

detox retreat testimonialsIt's been a mind-opening and very clarifying experience for me helped by the support from the team.*detox retreat testimonials

Nikki G. - IT Consultant

May 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI came to get past some stress-related eating habits, and I have met an emotional side of myself that I did not know.*detox retreat testimonials

Mike B. - Developer

May 2014

detox retreat testimonialsMy 3rd retreat with Sura.

Such a great team and always, always, lovely people on the retreat.*detox retreat testimonials

Caroline M. - Realter

April 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI've lost a whopping 9lbs. Again.

We're like a family going on a journey, and coming out like shining pennies.*detox retreat testimonials

Jai A. - Author

April 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThe fast really helped me achieve a clear state of mind, and has been incredibly cleansing, educational, and so good.*detox retreat testimonials

Louise H. - Retired NHS

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThis has changed my life.

These guys aren't selling you something. They really do care.*detox retreat testimonials

Marc C. - Eco Consultant

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThe most important things about this place is the warmth and the heart.

You guys are just amazing. What a team...*detox retreat testimonials

Jane B. - NHS Psychologist

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThis is my 3rd detox - it has been truly transformational.

I've never been anywhere else like this. The depth, and warmth makes it unique.*detox retreat testimonials

Daniel H. - Architect

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonialsMy wife did this a few years ago and came back changed - so I had to try it.

I've found out things about me that I never knew. And I've got new goals in life !!!*detox retreat testimonials

Kathryn P. - Personnel

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI arrived feeling down in the dumps, and landed in a great group of people, so friendly and warm.

It's been a great laugh.*detox retreat testimonials

Chris P. - Innovator

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonialsThis is my 6th retreat with Dao and his team - who take a great deal of care for your comfort during the process.

It's a life-changing event.*detox retreat testimonials

Charles C. - Retired Exec.

Jan 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI've just completed my 5th detox.

I arrived partied out, feeling old, ancient and decrepid, and I'm leaving feeling rejuvenated. Again !*detox retreat testimonials

Steve W. - Int'l Playboy

Jan 2014

detox retreat testimonialsI live a very indulgent life, and this is the healthiest thing I do every year.

Once you understand what you're going through, it's rather easy..*detox retreat testimonials

Jane E. - Businesswoman

Nov 2013

detox retreat testimonialsMy 4th retreat, and I've never been let down by this incredible group of people.

The knowledge & treatments are insurpassable.*detox retreat testimonials

Salv N. - Entrepreneur

Nov 2013

detox retreat testimonialsThe education has been a massive extra, that I didn't expect. It is so valid to all my problems. It is so simple, and so overlooked.*detox retreat testimonials

Jude C. - Copywriter

Oct 2013

detox retreat testimonialsEveryone gave me the space to be where I was at, and those that needed support were beautifully looked after - without any drama.*detox retreat testimonials

Joanne L. - IT Support

Oct 2013

detox retreat testimonialsThis is my second retreat, and the benefits grown, the more you do it, because the more impact it has when you go back to your normal life.*detox retreat testimonials

Judy B. - Businesswoman

Oct 2013

detox retreat testimonialsThe first time I came with real apprehension, but it was a fantastic experience, and the care that is given by the team is second to none.*detox retreat testimonials

Sarah C. - Housewife

Sept 2013

detox retreat testimonialsI came because I was at the
end of my tether, and now I feel like I am going away with a life full of endless possibilities.*detox retreat testimonials

Sara T. - London

Sept 2013

detox retreat testimonialsI came here feeling quite low and tired, with a gut problem. I'm looking forward to going home with this new energy and replenishment.*detox retreat testimonials

Anthony H. - HR Director

July 2013

detox retreat testimonialsThis was my third time with Sura
I've lost about 11lbs and I feel enlivened and really to go back to the world refreshed*detox retreat testimonials

Wendy W. - co. Director

July 2013

detox retreat testimonialsI came on this retreat because I had a lot of arthritic inflammation and I'm very happy to say it has gone.
No pain. It's wonderful.*detox retreat testimonials

Simon K. - London

July 2013

detox retreat testimonialsIt has been life-changing - consolidating and so eductional. 

I can't have anything but admiration and praise for these guys.*detox retreat testimonials

Fiona A. - Life-coach

June 2013

detox retreat testimonialsI have travelled the world doing detoxes, and the level of Dao's information, and the body workers are some of the best I have come across.*detox retreat testimonials

James S. - Manchester

June 2013

detox retreat testimonialsSome of the detox has been challenging, but I'm so glad I've done it.

From the moment we got here it has been a very pleasant experience.*detox retreat testimonials

Avtar G. - Counsellor

June 2013

detox retreat testimonialsI researched a lot of detox places, and was something very real and humble about Sura Detox.

For me it has been life changing. *detox retreat testimonials

Graham B. - Manager

May 2013

detox retreat testimonialsThe first time I came here, and my inherited Cholesterol fell from 7-9 to 3.4.

My specialist was completely gobsmacked*detox retreat testimonials

Mike B. - Retired

May 2013

detox retreat testimonialsI was quite apprehensive about booking, but it has made me see food in a whole different light.

I've had a fantastic week.*detox retreat testimonials

Hugo F. - Producer

July 2012

detox retreat testimonialsI was fairly sceptical about coming.
But I've regained 80 or 90% of my 'mojo', and I leave here energized and feeling good.*detox retreat testimonials

Kathryn T. - from Tokyo

June 2012

detox retreat testimonialsMy expectations were pretty enormous, but my joint pains have gone. I came all the way from Japan for this.
I am going home a very happy girl.*detox retreat testimonials

Mera A. - Property Trader

June 2012

detox retreat testimonialsI've lost 12lbs - it really does happen.

Beyond that, its amazing. they do not exaggerate about anything. There's nothing gimmicky about the retreat.*detox retreat testimonials

Georgie T. - Secretary

Mar 2012

detox retreat testimonialsThis is my 4th Sura retreat.

I can highly recommend it to anybody because I go home feeling fantastic, and I look fantasic.*detox retreat testimonials

Lilley E. - Yoga Teacher

Feb 2012

detox retreat testimonialsWhat's impressed me the most is the expertise and professionalism of the staff, who are all excellent, and I'm constantly surprised by how much they know.*detox retreat testimonials

Carol C. - Yorkshire

Feb 2012

detox retreat testimonialsI'm so much calmer about the future, because I know I've got the tools…

I've lost seven pounds, and I just feel I've got my life back.*detox retreat testimonials

Laura W. - Nutritionist

Feb 2012

detox retreat testimonials I've studied nutrition personally for over twelve years. However Dao's level of knowledge was amazing, and the way he presented it was fantastic.*detox retreat testimonials

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