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For years we gave our guests a feedback sheet to fill in at the end of each retreat, but these days most prefer to read the more independent reviews available on tripadvisor by following this link.

More informative is the longer term feedback that we encourage clients to provide in the letter below.

These are extracts from letters and emails received some time after their departure from the retreat, where a longer-term test of their progress is seen.

The previous years of testimonials can be seen following this links below, but as just said, we stopped taking and displaying written testimonials because those on Trip Advisor are much more convincing and independant.

Written a month after their retreat

November 2013

Sam R. - London

detox retreat testimonialsGood news; we have become sprouters - we have been making almond milk every other day.

Make smoothies every morning Consumed shit loads of beetroot pate. I have just brought a dehydrator and we are virtually living "off the canopy".

James has lost a further 3/4 stone and I have lost half a stone since getting home.

We are not eating any grains - a little meat and a little dairy but hugley cut down.

Written a month after their retreat

Thank you for the experience. It was everything it promised to be.*detox retreat testimonials

Written a week after their retreat

November 2013

Katharine C. (NeuroScientist) - London

detox retreat testimonialsThank you so much for a wonderful week! Peter and I cannot describe fully with words how transformational last week was for us, so a huge, huge thank you to you and all the team. I have found that, not only has the level of inflammation in my body decreased significantly, and some side effects of that inflammation have completely disappeared, but also that my whole way of thinking has changed markedly, and this has been the most astonishing effect of the whole week!

So we have made and eaten the raw soup, granola, buckwheaties, soaked all the nuts and seeds, and rearranged our kitchen a little more!

Although in no way have we pigged out since coming home, we did not realise at first how very slowly we had to go as regards re-introduction of food, but we have learned over the weekend, and all is well now.

I am emailing Nikki with some more questions about food. I found her so inspirational, both in Yoga and in food preparation.

Peter and I look forward to keeping in touch with you all, and to a return retreat - it really was marvellous.*detox retreat testimonials

Written three years after their retreat

Received August 2013

Irene & Manu C. - Italy

detox retreat testimonialsI was married for about 3 years when my husband was diagnosed with a "varicocele" on his right testicle. Before going under surgery he had to do some fertility test and the result was not promising at all. Very low sperm count and slow mobility. They told us that they could not guarantee that the situation would improve after surgey. And 6 month later unfortunately the situation was still the same. I really felt that a good "clean out" of our systems would improve our chances to concieve.

We came to Sura detox in March and when we came back we really stuck to an healthy 70% raw eating... I can only say that by the end of April I was pregnant and I had a blissful pregnancy. No sickness, no major cravings...

I gave birth to a healthy boy of 9.2 lb! Very happy and I can only thank Sura detox for making this possible!*detox retreat testimonials

Written two years after their retreat

Received July 2013

Jo & Carlos - London

detox retreat testimonialsIn terms of fertility, there was never anything medically or physically wrong with us; we were unlucky enough to be 'unexplained'.

A particular aspect that I did find very useful was the allergy testing (kinesiology). I had just been to see an immunologist (these are the lengths that we went to with IVF!), who advised that I had a very active immune system. Not auto-immune, so no medical issues, but just a bit too efficient. It was explained that my TH1:TH2 Cytokine ratio was out of kilter. It was tipped into a TH1 dominance, which is very un-baby friendly. TH1 represents TNFa (tumour necrosis factor alpha), which as the name suggests, kills tumours. Great against cancer, but not so good for an embryo.

What I discovered at the retreat, and later discussed with my immunologist, was my intolerance to gluten. I have what's known as a silent intolerance, so I have no symptoms, other than internally whereby my TNFa levels rise. Previous to the retreat, I had spent approximately £5,000 on horrendous drugs keeping my cytokines in check ; post retreat my levels remain within range, on a gluten-free diet. Just Google 'gluten and fertility' and the Western world is making this link more and more.*detox retreat testimonials

Written two weeks after her retreat

May 2013

Nel B. - Barbados

detox retreat testimonialsBack home and into the swing of things. Just saying 'Thanks' for a memorable experience at Sura Detox. Came not knowing what to expect (particularly the colonic aspect), but soon realized that my hesitations were unfounded.

Being able to escape the frenetic life for a week, surrounded by idyllic nature and be refreshed physically, mentally and spiritually is really an opportunity to grasp and cherish.

It was clear and moonlight when we were there, and often I would get up during the night to gaze at the starry sky unimpeded by garish electric light. The birds at my window every morning added to the charm of it all.

I must make mention of the congenial staff and participants who all contributed to the enjoyment of the week. Kudos to you and other members of the Team.

Once again, Thanks a million for everything.

Peace & Joy*detox retreat testimonials

Trip Advisor Link

March 2013

Irene C. - Italy

detox retreat testimonialsSura Detox is really a life changing experience. You will feel looked after every moment of your stay.

The surrounding is amazing and the cottages cosy and warm, really make you feel like at home.

The program that Sura Detox offers fits perfectly with the "fasting" week. Da's talks, Benita's treatments, Amida's Thai Chi, Kate's support are just priceless. I will reccoment this experience to anyone who really believe that we deserve a chance for our heath and wellbeing.*detox retreat testimonials

Trip Advisor Link

March 2013

Irene S. - Glasgow

detox retreat testimonialsJust returned from Sura Detox Retreat and I feel amazing. Lost almost a stone during my week, but that was just a bonus.

What a relaxing time I had, hardly realised that I wasn't eating. All the guys are fantastic and make you so welcome. Amida's Tai Chi, Nikki's Yoga and Dao's nutritional talks all come together to give you a new perspective on life and you leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to change the world as well as your eating habits.

The accommodation is really quaint. Gorgeous little cottages and the farmhouse. So rustic, but really comfortable.The common area is less so, but a really easy going and comfortable place to meet and get to know your fellow retreaters - but only if you want to. There's also a lovely pool area and sauna which you can use anytime.

No one puts any pressure on you to do anything you don't feel like, and everyone understands if you feel the need to have a duvet day.

Just one more point - I know there are a few of these retreats, but I can't imagine that any others enjoy anything close to the inspiring and informative talks which Dao gives daily, which really motivate you to carry on with your new eating regime when you leave, and give you a real understanding of what effects your food has on your body - nothing like the nutritional information you are used to hearing. These talks surely set Sura apart from any of the others.

Recommend that everyone does this at least once.*detox retreat testimonials

Trip Advisor Link

January 2013

Mark A. - Cheshire

detox retreat testimonialsJan 2013 was my second visit because, not only is it great value for money, but the staff actually really know what they are doing.

From the comfort of an amazing country setting, you are able to totally change your outlook on life, or just chill out and relax – whatever you want. The staff know their stuff, care and support you magnificently through your own personal journey. This is a gentle, holistic way to do something I originally conceived as quite radical.

Its not only painless, its actually pleasurable, to let go of the emotional obsession we have with food, and focus on nurturing the soul and allowing the body to self heal.

If your truly ready for change, on any level, this place will enable you to understand what you want and help you make those changes. Frankly, if every week away brought this type of serenity, the world would be a better place.*detox retreat testimonials

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