2012 Detox Retreat Testimonials

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For years we gave our guests a feedback sheet to fill in at the end of each retreat, but these days most prefer to read the more independent reviews available on tripadvisor by following this link.

More informative is the longer term feedback that we encourage clients to provide in the letter below.

These are extracts from letters and emails received some time after their departure from the retreat, where a longer-term test of their progress is seen.

The previous years of testimonials can be seen following this links below, but as just said, we stopped taking and displaying written testimonials because those on Trip Advisor are much more convincing and independant.

Written 5 weeks after their retreat

October 2012

Hayli A. - Spain

detox retreat testimonialsTo all at Suradetox,

We would like to express our gratitude for all your help and inspiration while we spent time at your detox retreat in Devon. Being complete novices to the idea of a raw food diet and the benefits of detoxing the body, we were nervous to say the least, and to be perfectly honest a bit cynical as to how it could 'change our lives'! But the whole experience has done just that! It has given us a much more positive outlook on healthy living and well-being and how to achieve real happiness within, on both a physical and emotional level. We now feel we have gained more knowledge and tools to make steps towards a better life :)

We chose to do this detox as a girly break and it was perfect for us! Not only did we enjoy quality time together in our beautiful cottage, we also made news friends with many special people who we would not usually have the opportunity to meet. We have ALL left feeling amazing with a new zest for life, and positive attitude about our present and our future!

The support and encouragement of the whole team at Suradetox made the whole experience very special to us and we will certainly be returning next year..

Thanks everyone for an all round 5* experience!*detox retreat testimonials

love from Hayli, Karen and Laura.

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May 2012


detox retreat testimonialsA life changing week for me, I learned so much.

Cleared my body and my mind.. Amazing team... Treatments...talks... New friends and the week flew by...

Feel amazing inside and out... Will be returning to continue my journey.....*detox retreat testimonials

Written 10 weeks after her retreat

January 2012

SC - Anonymous

detox retreat testimonialsI have been caffeine free since my detox at the beginning of January! I can't quite believe it. I am Irish, as you know, and the prospect of living in a world without tea, was too bleak and absurd to even contemplate. And yet, here I am 10 weeks later and I have managed it without a hitch! My skin is great and I have developed an 'unhealthy' obsession with nettle tea instead! My hair is shiny and healthy and looking great. I have found that I don't really need 'industrial grade' chemical deodorant anymore anyway, since my system is so much more alkaline, I don't really need it at all.

I have started eating properly for the first time in decades (quite literally). Me and my blender are becoming best buddies. I am making a breakfast smoothie (dates, almonds and bananas) most days before I go to work.

My fridge is full of vegetables and fruit, salads and cold pressed oils (I was listening!). I returned from the detox in Devon with the most insatiable appetite for green vegetables and salad that I am still trying to satiate. A clue there, perhaps? I won't pretend that I no longer eat cheese (I do) and that I don't drink alcohol (I do), but my diet is a full factor of 20,000 better than it has ever been.

I haven't really eaten a biscuit since I last saw you - this probably doesn't mean much to you, but it represents the most profound change in my eating habits, since I was a bit of a 4 - 5 packet of chocolate biscuits / week type of chick.... Shameful, but true!

My weight has not changed since I left Sura, if anything, I have lost a few more pounds. I look and feel great! Some of girlfriends are trying to follow my example as they have commented on how relaxed and good I look. Oh, and I have been voluntarily going to the gym and cooking on my own at home.

I have saved the best bit for last, though, because all of the above relates to how I look and what I am doing, whereas by far the biggest change that has occurred for me relates to how I feel.

I feel great! I feel epic! I feel happy! My moods are even and sunny (who knew such a thing was even possible?). I feel happy and clear and carefree in a way I can't ever remember feeling since I was a little kid. I had no idea changing the way I ate would have such a profound effect on my the manner and character of every aspect of my thinking and feeling! My thought processes are happy and emotionally detached. No amount of counselling ever seemed to get me to this place on its own. It is literally only 4 months ago that my GP wanted me to put me on anti-depressants to clear up my melancholy thinking and generally blue demeanour ..... Imagine all I needed was some good brain food to sort that out!

It truly is a blessing that I found Sura Detox this year. I genuinely cannot thank you and the team at Sura enough for setting me on such a wonderfully positive and light-hearted path. I mean that more than you can possibly know.

My instinct tells me that this year is going to be the most wonderful year of positive change for me. I am so glad that I have given myself with your invaluable help the best possible chance of capitalising on these positive changes with a foundation for great nutrition and self-care.*detox retreat testimonials

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January 2012

Angela S. - Stockport

detox retreat testimonialsThis was my second visit to Sura Detox, and again the physical, mental and emotional change in me after a week with the Sura team has amazed me.

It really is difficult to explain to people how spending what seems like a lot of money on a week without food (bar juice and a meal on the last day) can be such good value, but I can honestly say at this moment in time I can't think of anything better to have spent my money on..*detox retreat testimonials

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