2011 Detox Retreat Testimonials

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For years we gave our guests a feedback sheet to fill in at the end of each retreat, but these days most prefer to read the more independent reviews available on tripadvisor by following this link.

More informative is the longer term feedback that we encourage clients to provide in the letter below.

These are extracts from letters and emails received some time after their departure from the retreat, where a longer-term test of their progress is seen.

The previous years of testimonials can be seen following this links below, but as just said, we stopped taking and displaying written testimonials because those on Trip Advisor are much more convincing and independant.

Written 1 week after her retreat

May 2011

Carol T. - Sussex

detox retreat testimonialsThe programme was excellent, the talks were informative and based on science, with lots of useful tips to take away.

The whole team were wonderfully supportive managing to hold it all together without being bossy or seargent majorish.

Excellent accommodation, although if I were to come again I wouldn't share a bathroom. Our bathroom was a bit small for two.

I love the fact that you donate a portion of the fee to purchase a bit rain forest.

I am very pleased indeed that my skin allergy and hot flushes seem to have disappeared completely.*detox retreat testimonials

Written 2 weeks after her retreat

April 2011

Anoushka D. - London

detox retreat testimonialsI just wanted to say a massive massive thank you for such an amazing week.

I felt so helpless before I came, I constantly felt awful and I was becoming more and more distraught with what I could do to remedy the way I was feeling. You equipped me with such great advice I now feel like I can make informed decisions about what to put in my body. But what I liked the most was that not once did you say 'only raw vegan is the way to go' or that you must never go back to cooked food, that makes everything so much easier and less intimidating and rigid.

People think I'm mad for the money I spent on the retreat, but its the best decision I've ever made.

To you and your lovely team, I thank you again.

I will definitely be spreading the word, and plan to come back for round two next year!*detox retreat testimonials

Written 1 week after her retreat

Feb 2011

Lucy G. - London

detox retreat testimonialsEverything feels better all round after last week. Had a lovely talk with my mum last night sorting through a few issues and I am putting my "move to the country" plan into action (Kate worked wonders with me there!). I was ready for a change and thanks to you, Kate, Benita and Amida I feel ready and able to do what needs to be done. I cant tell you how grateful I am or just how much I love you all for it!

Good luck with the next retreat and I will be in touch soon with an update.

Lots of love and squidgy hugs to you all at Sura! xxx *detox retreat testimonials

Written 6 weeks after her retreat

Jan 2011

Louise O. - London

detox retreat testimonialsIts quite amazing how SURA has such an effect on your life once you have left! You guys were and are amazing, quite a well-balanced team the YING and YANG of detox! The knowledge and support you gave not only to me but the rest of the attendees was fantastic. I can't pretend that it wasn't the toughest thing I have ever done, but it not only opened my eyes to a healthier way of life, but showed me how if I put my mind to it I had the resolve to do it! And who knows sometime in the future I might be back!

I have managed to keep the weight off and have continued to lose weight slowly, adjusted my cooking and food shopping habits and approach to daily tasks! As a result you have my friend coming at the end of this week.

Please send my best to the rest of the team*detox retreat testimonials

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