2010 Detox Retreat Testimonials

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For years we gave our guests a feedback sheet to fill in at the end of each retreat, but these days most prefer to read the more independent reviews available on tripadvisor by following this link.

More informative is the longer term feedback that we encourage clients to provide in the letter below.

These are extracts from letters and emails received some time after their departure from the retreat, where a longer-term test of their progress is seen.

The previous years of testimonials can be seen following this links below, but as just said, we stopped taking and displaying written testimonials because those on Trip Advisor are much more convincing and independant.

Written 2 weeks after her retreat

March 2010

Becky G. - Manchester

detox retreat testimonialsBasically - the retreat was well beyond my expectations - We stayed in the farmhouse which was top - ditto the location. I really appreciated the way you all worked together in your different roles to support us in what we were doing and encourage us to take responsibility for our own health. Your knowledge about nutrition & the way you share it is inspirational. Me and Lorraine had serious brain envy! If only we had had you as one of our lecturers...

We have both just qualified in naturopathic nutrition & were feeling really disillusioned with the heavy focus on supplements and no focus on raw foods / superfoods. We stumbled on a raw food workshop at our local wholefood cafe in our second year of training & spent our last year reading David Wolfe and Kate Wood instead of our course books & making mad chocolate potions! We did get quite into Shazzie as well but the pink PVC and cucumber thing is just going too far!!

Your perspective about evolution really helped me to make sense of everything and your balanced views and approach to raw food is a refreshing change. I've been including quite alot of raw food in my diet (as well as the chocolate potions!) for about 18 months alongside veggie soups, stews, curries etc and my health has really improved without being 100% raw. I treated myself with severe anaemia during this time and got my iron up miles quicker than my Dr anticipated without taking any of the 600mg a day of the nasty ferrous sulphate that she recommended - very scary indeed!

We loved Amida's morning exercises and were both blown away by Kate's session. I didn't have a session with Benita as my therapies were with Claudia & Tim but we saw her alot in the farmhouse and she is just lovely. Claudia & Tim were great too.

Another thing I really liked is that you are all really ethical & there was no hard sell on the products. In fact Amida encouraged us to restrain ourselves from buying loads of stuff at the outset and make sure it's the right thing for us before buying the expensive equipment. Bless him!

My aim when I came to the retreat was to be shiny and I reckon I achieved that. I feel amazing - bags of energy and everyone is cooing over me saying how well I look & that I've lost loads of weight. I didn't want it to be about losing weight so swerved the scales while I was there but weighed on Sat morning at home and I'd lost 11 pounds - hurray!

Final mad ramble - you have inspired us to do our raw chef certificates and offer some workshops ourselves in Manchester.*detox retreat testimonials

Extracted from feedback sheets

May 2010

Justina G. - Gloucester

detox retreat testimonialsI just wanted to write to thank you both for the care and expertise extended during the retreat I attended. I, despite being very motivated was full of trepidation, self administered colonics!, Navel gazing groups!, etc. Needless to say the mystification of the colonics were dispelled by Dao in his straightforward, kind and reassuring way. The navel gazing just didn't happen, well not with the people I mixed with.

Amida's approach was great and his morning meditation and exercises just right and is something I'am trying to continue with. Dao's talk's were educational and truly inspiring, I'am trying not to bang on (too much) to family and friends about our arboreal ancestors, healthy eating etc, I'am looking forward to the tapes. You both work so well together. Benita and Claudia are talented, warm and gracious women, the massages and treatments were excellent.

But, in addition what has thrilled me is that I have lost almost 1 stone in weight, and did not put any weight back on when I started eating and drinking, al be it much more healthily than I did. Friends and family say how nice it is to have the old me back, I feel more alert and alive.

So, thank you both, you are running so much more than a business, and should be proud of the ethos, kind, caring professionalism and sheer good that Sura provides.*detox retreat testimonials

Written 2 weeks after her retreat

May 2010

Debra P. - Wokingham

detox retreat testimonialsWe have now got back into the daily routine that we left behind for one amazing week. But we are all changed in some way, feel stronger, lighter (!), more in control.

Thank you all so very much for a fantastic experience, for making us all feel so welcome and comfortable, for supporting us bringing along Roux (who by the way probably had the best experience of all of us!!), and for just being you.

You are all truly extraordinary people, a pleasure to be around, and I defy anyone, ever, who has spent time with you not to feel better, purer, more peaceful for the experience.

Long may your retreats last, and you may well see us again.*detox retreat testimonials

Written 2 weeks after her retreat

May 2010

Ella P. - Wokingham

detox retreat testimonialsI have been meaning to email you since I got back to say thank you so much. Although I'm not sure that thank you covers it, language is a bit limiting sometimes.

I had a wonderful week and now that I'm back at home, back at work, I am eating lots of yummy raw foods and feeling a lot more positive.

The detox was only ever about losing a bit of weight and cleansing for me at the beginning but it became so much more than that, mostly due to all of you who worked so hard. It has been a while since I met so many beautiful people. So, thank you.*detox retreat testimonials

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