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For years we gave our guests a feedback sheet to fill in at the end of each retreat, but these days most prefer to read the more independent reviews available on tripadvisor by following this link.

More informative is the longer term feedback that we encourage clients to provide in the letter below.

These are extracts from letters and emails received some time after their departure from the retreat, where a longer-term test of their progress is seen.

The previous years of testimonials can be seen following this links below, but as just said, we stopped taking and displaying written testimonials because those on Trip Advisor are much more convincing and independant.

Written 6 weeks after her detox retreat

Dec 2008

Brenda I. - Bedforshire

detox retreat testimonialsIt's been a good month since the retreat. Since returning from the Retreat, I've maintained a ratio of about 80% raw! I was probably about 50% raw previously. I gained 2 lb (of the 9 lb I lost at the retreat) in the first couple of days back (to be expected) and that has stayed the same. Although I didn't come for weight loss particularly, it is a nice bonus.

I've bought a spiralizer, which certainly makes the raw veg more interesting and easier to eat. I love making raw sauces. I have increased the number of fruit and veg smoothies I eat and enjoy including the cacao nibs, mesquite and Lucuma. More challenging is adding the Spirulina, because it has such a strong taste! I usually add some Hemp Oil, to supplement the Flaxseed Oil I take with my Cottage Cheese. My next task is to continue checking websites, as I have yet to find one that says you can swap Cottage Cheese for Almond Milk.

I've just ordered a sprouter, so that I can make even better use of recipes, tastes and combinations. I've got a food combining book and a raw food recipe book - so I'm set!

All in all, I would say it has been a very successful 're-entry' and my lifestyle is increasingly healthy. I am very optimistic about persisting with my new regime and have definitely raised my game in terms of feeding myself good, nutritious, raw food.

I hope all is well with you and the team and that you are each continuing to enjoy making a positive difference to people's lives. Attending the Retreat remains a high spot of my year, providing many excellent and enduring benefits.*detox retreat testimonials

Written 1 year after her retreat

Nov 2008


detox retreat testimonialsHi Dao,

For years I had suffered from mild but persistent acne, lethargy, congestion, headaches and a short attention span. I put these symptoms down to my alcohol consumption and once I stopped drinking expected them to disappear.

When I went on the Sura Detox retreat I was amazed to discover from Kate, the homeopath, that I was allergic to wheat oats and yeast. Along with my symptoms, my sensitivity to these foods indicated that I was prone to Candida. Once I'd completed the detox process I looked (and felt) better than I had in years and was very motivated to avoid the trigger foods as well as reduce sugar in my diet.

One year later I'm still totally symptom free, have increased energy, and a more stable, optimistic mood. My experience has taught me never to underestimate the effect of what I eat on my well being. My whole outlook and attitude to life has change. I feel empowered to make better choices.*detox retreat testimonials

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