The Detox Retreat Team

Dao Earl - Nutrition, Detox and Colonics

To the retreat, I shall bring the following;

I am the main source of information on fasting and detoxification, as well as the overall structure of the week's programme. This is primarily through the discussions around digestion and health during each afternoon nutritional talk. Each morning I am also available for one-to-one sessions to discuss your personal fasting experience.

Included in this are the discussions around diet and detoxification. As these are my specialties, I am very happy to answer questions on these subjects.

My area of interest and knowledge is the physiology of what you will be going through during the week, as well as the psychology of the process, in which I am well versed, though Kate is perhaps better qualified to answer your questions about the emotional side landscape that people experience with us

About Dao

detox retreat team - Dao Earl

I came from a background of standard English schooling, which I left at 16 to join the - then thriving - printing industry. School had left me somewhat unprepared for the world, and the thought of the print industry's bloated wages was enough to set me on that track. However, I soon found the bully-led system of management therein equally as intimidating as the child-squashing system at school, so as soon as my apprenticeship ended, I was off to...

Thailand for six years, India for 2, Spain for 3. But my travels soon became a search for a home and a people. It was not until I got to Taiwan, that I even began to think about how we affected by diet, deliberate mind set, and what we eat, think, and do. I was too busy blaming the world for my choices to see that there was actually any choice at all...

My explorations into self administered colonics, fasts, raw foods, etc., all sprang from this time, and slowly as I began to shine, I started to attract the attention of others. I was still living in Asia, but suddenly I was no longer affected by skin irritations and infections, etc. My system was changing in ways I never heard any school of medicine talking about.

I was also an avid believer in Permaculture, ever since my profound realization that Permaculture is applied Taoism in the 21st Century, and is basically humankind's greatest hope in the face of such dire forecasts.

After years of taking friends and colleagues through Jensen-style fasts and colonics, Shoshana & I started up Home Colonics in February 2002 in Spain, and we have been growing ever since. We renamed ourselves Karuna Retreats (meaning "compassion" in Sanskrit) when we got to UK, as it better reflected our empathetic approach.

It was during these years running groups that I refined and evolved my reasons for running these retreats. I now know that it is not in the colonics, or in the fast itself, but in the talks, that I come alive. And it is through these talks that I make a difference to people lives.

In 2007, I began Sura Detox with Amida, complimented by the skills of Benita & Kate - all of whome I had met at the Sufi camps that Amida started in the 80's. We had a big impact on each other as we swaps skills and techniques, so these were the obvious choice of colleagues for this new venture. In time Nikki joined our ranks, and then in 2013, Amida stepped aside to let Daniel take over.

My other interests in the past have been helping to found and fund the Eco forest charity; a profound project in Southern Spain incorporating conscious community, low-impact living techniques, Permaculture and raw foods.

But the real love of my life to date, which motivates me from dawn to dusk, and shines through in the talks, is a lived sense that our lives are not about work, TV and sense-pleasure, but that our existence is profound in its nature. This is fuelled and fed by all the practices I have encountered: The psychological effects of moving meditations, the neurological influence of diet, and the therapeutic use of psychotropics on relieving trauma and establishing a more authenitc expression in life.

All of these have massively informed my felt-understanding that we are indeed here for such a short time, so what are the most important, most satisfying, and most nourishing ways for me to live my day - for me, and for all those I affect.

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