The Detox Retreat Team

Benita Verniers - Treatments & Astrology

To the retreat, I shall bring the following;

I will be planning and organizing your treatments on the retreat, being your contact person for these, as well as being the main resident therapist.

I will be available to talk to you on the first evening of your retreat to discuss treatments, and throughout the retreat if the need arises.

I work with a team of therapists whom I carefully choose because of the quality of their work. All therapists on our retreat are fully qualified & insured, and will be monitored by me. Please give me your continuing feedback about your experiences in the treatment room, as I really care about excellence.

About Benita

detox retreat team - Benita

I am Belgian and lived in Belgium for 30 years before I moved to Britain. Having an Austrian mother and a Belgian father meant growing up with two languages, two cultures and a lot of travelling, which opened my mind to different ways of living and relating. I trained and then worked as a secondary school teacher in Belgium, until the birth of my third child, when I became a full time mother for the next ten years. My active interest in complementary therapies and astrology began alongside the issues and joys I faced in being a parent. Touch and massage have always been my instinctive response to pain and stress in the family. Astrology was often my inspiring companion for looking at myself and others, challenging traditional ideas and judgments, and understanding the world from a truly holistic perspective.

I extended my skills by training in Dynamic Bodywork, a course which inspired me by deepening and integrating the use of my own body in the process of massage, bringing in more awareness, quality of touch and fluency.

I participated in a series of training weekends in Polarity therapy, which broadened and deepened my understanding of energy flow, touch and awareness in bodywork.

In 2011 I extended my therapeutic skills with a diploma in Thai massage as well as a qualification in Lastone therapy. Both therapies are exquisite additions to the tools in my box

I have been practising Astrology professionally since 2007 and have over 150 professional readings to my name. An extensive library of Astrology books on my shelves relates to years of reading, studying, and meditating over charts. The more I learn about the subject, the more awed I am by its landscape and its possibilities for working with it and drawing support from it. Try it, you’ll be surprised…

In the context of detox retreats, I have done several of these detox/fasting retreats myself, and I am experiencing the benefits all round: More energy on a steady daily basis; feeling younger, looking younger; being in control of my bodyweight; feeling more confident and empowered in my health and wellbeing. I feel well equipped and confident in offering you my professional support for the life-changing step you are about to take.

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