Detox Retreat Hi-Raw Food Prep

During our detox retreats, you'll learn many new concepts of human nutrition.

Our aim is for you to leave us with the practical skills and confidence to get started in your own kitchen right away. So we offer two raw food preparation workshops on the last day of the retreat. This will give you everything you need to get started as soon as you get back.

Dao’s talks will have given you plenty of theoretical understanding, and you’ll know why a high raw diet, bursting with fresh, living, whole foods, will increase your energy levels, give you glowing skin and sparkling eyes, help you maintain a healthy weight, and improve many medical conditions.
As suggested in these talks, all ingredients are fresh, raw, live and organic wherever possible.

But what about the practicals – what are you actually going to eat when you get home?!

These are given by Nikki in her other role, alongside that of Yoga teacher.

In the mid-day session we combine lots of tasting with practical demonstrations and discussion.

In the evening session we start with some tasting, then get down to creating a sumptuous meal to share together at the end.

There will be chance for you to roll up your sleeves and have a go, and plenty of time to ask questions.

Everyone is amazed at how simple, and how delicious, the recipes are.

All the recipes are already in your Sura Detox booklet, you don’t even need to take notes.

But seeing how these things are done is priceless, and nothing else will convince you of the ease of raw food prep.

raw Courgette Pasta

Everyone can get more raw in their life

As we are not concerned with making 'raw-fooders', it is more important that you have a sense of why certain combinations work, and how to integrate them into your working life along with cooked foods and find your unique balance between the two. We will discuss ways to gradually and effortlessly transition to eating more fresh food – covering breakfasts, lunches, evening meals, how to keep the rest of the family happy, and what to do when you eat out.

raw strawberry ice cream

To be sustainable, it has to be easy , and it has to taste good.

Any sense of deprivation will not work –so rather than thinking there is anything you ‘can’t’ eat, we like to think of it more as lots of wonderful new possibilities!

And to underline our ‘no deprivation’ approach, we’ll be making – and enjoying – a delicious pudding, and even chocolates.

If you are fresh to the raw food concept, or are looking to increase the amount of raw food in your life without the drama of raw-foodism, you are in the right place.

You will learn:

raw canapes raw dips detox beet pate warming detox soup detox tomatoes

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