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QCan I work while I'm there ?

AThe venue has WiFi throughout the site. Our usage is only limited by the number of people using it at any given time.

Because we are our in the sticks there is only a country bandwidth, so connections are not fast enough for streaming movies or video-conferencing, such as Skype. Web browsing and email are fine.

QIs there a pool or sauna?

AThe venue has a heated indoor swimming pool, which is great for keeping the body moving gently.
Plus a sauna and hot tub, for flushing out more toxins through the skin - all open to use 24/7.

QWhere are the retreats held?

AThe venue we use is Near Ilfracombe, North Devon, in the South West of England.
It is a wonderfully comfortable complex of holiday cottages, enjoying the homeliness and earthy relaxation of country life.

You'll hear nothing but the sound of birds, if you're lucky you'll see deer, hare and even a woodpecker or two. The naturally setting encourages outdoor activities such as walks through fields and woods - we provide maps for local walks - if you have the energy and inclination.

QCan I have my own room, or do I have to share?

AUnless you are coming with a friend or partner to share a room with, then you will naturally be placed in a single room, either with an ensuite bathroom, or sharing the bathroom with one other person.

There is also the possibility to share the room with a stranger for those who need a more economical option.

QCan I bring a friend to share the room with ?

AOur retreats offer a choice of single and shared accommodation. We have found that sharing a room with a friend or partner naturally provides additional support throughout the fast, as well as offering a substantial discount.

However, most people prefer not to share, so as to be able to fully retreat into their own space.

Note: We prefer that you bring someone with you to share, rather than pairing you up with a stranger, as you will have enough to deal with in your own detox experience without having to get to know someone else's also.

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