Questions & Answers on Fasting during a Sura Detox Retreat

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QHow much weight will I lose ?

ABetween 3 and 6 Kg's is the average range, but everyone is unique. The changes you make after your retreat will make a long lasting difference. It is the lifestyle between fasts that create health, not the fasts themselves - these are simply time of special rest and healing. *

QIf I fast for 6 days, will I lose weight ?

AOh yes ! Most clients lose between 3 - 6 Kg's (6 - 13 lbs) during the week, though the full spectrum is up to 10 Kg's (1 st 8lbs), and the maximum we have seen was 15 Kg's (2st 8lbs). We find that this weight loss is due not only to dissolution of fat deposits, but also the body's adaptation to fasting. Once reintroduced to meals, the previous weight can be regained. New eating habits will determine your new weight; after which, overweight individuals tend to get lighter due to a lessened need to store excesses and toxins, and the underweight fill-out in response their body's ability to absorb and assimilate foods through a less restricted digestive tract. We have also found that the fat/mass ratio is reduced. *

QI don't want to lose too much weight, what can I do to prevent it?

AThin people will indeed lose weight on a fast, as everyone does. However, how much weight lost is individual, and more to the point: it is only temporary. After the fast a gradual introduction to healthy foods and lifestyle is a sure way to gain long lasting benefits and thin people will often find that if they let themselves, they will reach a new weight average that might be higher than before the fast.

An important point here is to be fluid in one's expectations regarding image, body image etc. We tend to worry about our weight and therefore use valuable energy fretting plus disrupt our clear intuition regarding what we truly want to be eating and doing right now. Our body actually knows when it is hungry and even what it wants or doesn't want to eat. With some trial and error this sensitivity can be regained and then best let go of your idea of how the body needs to be, and let the body reach its own medium. Remembering that natural weight is always shifting, in response to environmental factors (diet, exercise, emotions, etc.). To change the weight of an individual you must change some of these factors.

To summarise: You may loose weight during the fast, but if it has been effective, then you will pick up again and reach a new balance point, as well as a different lifestyle for your system to nourish itself through. *

QIsn't fasting starving the body?

AFasting is an ancient time-tested practice used to maintain perfect health of body and mind. Starvation begins several weeks after food is discontinued. Until then the body goes into several levels of internal miracle, or 'house cleaning'. Starting with breaking down excess foods in the system, it then starts burning old or damaged tissue as fuel. These alternative sources of energy are abundant in modern mankind, and it is several weeks before the switch is made to healthy tissue - and even this is done in great wisdom; strategically using those tissues that are most easily replaced and least essential. Generally speaking, more than a month can pass before any irreversible damage is done. Any fast that is broken wisely before this later stage results in magical health increases.

The regime we follow is mild as far as fasts go, as the juice 'meals' provide some carbohydrates to give the body energy.

QWhat juice do you use?

AWe mostly use Organic Carrot juice because carrots have a wonderfully subtle cleansing effect upon the liver, and apple juice, for its Malic acid content, which softens and relaxes the digestive system.

QWon't all that sugar feed my Candida?

ACandida is a very widespread problem, hence widespread hype and cures. Thus far, we have not found the carrot to be antagonistic towards it. More importantly, the dietary adjustments advised during the talks adjust the pH balance of the body to ensure that Candida can only survive in the colon in the appropriate amounts, thus controlling the overgrowth of this yeast culture. *

QI have a problem with blood sugar levels, is fasting right for me?

AMany people suffer from glycaemia issues which are often just taken as surface mood-swings. These people tend to have a harder time with their energy levels during the retreat, but report newfound balance upon their return to their normal lives (usually adjusted somewhat by the nutritional understanding). *

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