Questions & Answers on Colonics during a Sura Detox Retreat

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QAre colonics really necessary?

AAs your body slips in to Catabolism, and toxins from deep in the tissues offer themselves to be cleansed and eliminated by the liver, the bowel can become very backlogged. Thus, anything that we can do to aid and ease this system is welcomed. Under these circumstances, a regular cleaning of the bowel is beneficial, thus it is advisable for you adhere to the colonics during the retreat. However, if you do not want to participate in this, then the bowel will simply empty itself as normal.

QHow did all this stuff get in there, and what is it?

AThe short answer to that is that it is a product of years of accumulated material stored all over the system. During the fast, your liver will go in to overdrive cleaning the blood, as the various tissues detoxify into it. The liver will excrete this accumulated material out in the bile, into the bowel, where it will get absorbed by the psyllium, and leave the body during the colonics

QWill I have a sparkling clean Colon by the end of the fast?

ADetoxing is a process, and I have yet to see anyone fully cleansed after a single treatment of any description or any length. Many people still report major physical shifts and releases after 5 years of regular colonic fasts of this kind. While in others change is more noticeable in their improved lifestyle and fresh positive attitude to life. Regardless of results, the colon still remains the body's best route for eliminating toxins, and if the lifestyle we lead does not benefit the body, then it will generally be the colon that displays it first.

Remember, it didn't take a week to get to the situation we are in now. Give it time to unravel and heal!

QWhat is the difference between a colonic and an enema?

AAn enema is the insertion of around 1 litre of fluid into the lower part of the bowel. Once injected, the fluid is held for as long as possible before being expelled with any constipated material from that lower part of the bowel. A simple practice that has long been used to start the bowel moving again. However, its effects are temporary and merely lessen the autointoxicating effects of constipation. Colonics are a continuous flow of water throughout the entire colon, whilst relaxing in the prone position. In gravity-fed colonics, such as we practice, the water expands the bowel to a level at which its own triggers tell it when to eliminate. Without any need to hold the water inside, or to move at all during the process, they are not only painless, but -to be honest - very relaxing akin to being massaged from the inside. Moreover, because the entire colon gets washed with water, the resulting expulsions are from the walls of the colon far beyond where an enema could reach. One further difference is that because the colon is in control of its own contractions, the entire muscle structure therein gets a good workout - very different from an enema.

QI had my Appendix out some years ago, would the colonics still be good for me?

AWhile the role of the Appendix is very misunderstood, it is well established that it may be removed without much noticeable damage to the rest of the body. It does not hinder the performance or safety of colonics, as long as care is taken.

QI had an operation recently, and still feel tender in my belly, would colonics help me?

ABest left until all physical trauma from the operation has ceased. Reserving discretion regarding your individual circumstances, most are welcome to join us to partake in the fasting and supplementation side of the retreat, as well as the dietary education and Yoga. All of the above have proven very beneficial for individuals unable to perform the colonics.

QDo you use coffee or other additions to the enema water?

AWe reserve the use of coffee in the colonic water for clients seen to have a lazy bowel. That is, one that will not eliminate of its own volition during the colonic. The coffee produces strong peristaltic contractions, and does get things moving, but it has been seen to cross the bowel-wall and jump-start the rest of the nervous system as well - not a product I advise for an individual trying to rest and recuperate. Moreover, coffee is the #2 killer of friendly bacteria in the bowel. By default we use body-temperature water.

QDoesn't it hurt having all that water in there?

A At any one time, most people have less than a litre of colonic water inside them. Though I have seen occasional individuals who could take in seemingly huge quantities of water before the first elimination - but this is rare. Often, till the technique is understood people tend to 'hold it in' resulting in feeling pressure in the abdomen, till elimination of the water. Once relaxed, a natural process occurs with a continuous flow both entering and leaving at the same time, rather like pouring from a jug that is being filled from a tap.

QI don't like the idea of being pumped full of water! What pressure does your system use?

AI wouldn't like to be pumped full of water either, that's why we use a gravity system. The 10 litres of water takes 20 minutes to pass through a 6mm tube from 1.5 metres above you. This equates to a flow rate of about 8.5 ml/sec (By comparison a sink tap typically gives nearly 300-500 ml/sec), and you can stop the flow anytime with the toggle. There really is no pressure to speak of.

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