Questions & Answers on Booking a Sura Detox Retreat

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If there are still unresolved questions, please feel free to phone us on 0182 225 9001, or email us via our contact page.

QWhat cards do you take ?

AThe only cards that we have experienced problems with are Amex and Laser. All the rest seem to go through fine.

QHow do I pay for a retreat? Can I use my Credit Card?

AMostly we take payment by debit card over the phone. Starting with a £250 deposit to hold the space, and then fulfilment being required around a month before the retreat. Alternatives such as bank wire transfer and cheque are also options, and we are flexible on timeframes for payments if necessary.

QHow far in advance should I book ?

AIt is hard to say. Our retreats have always filled, but sometimes only in the last month or fortnight. It always pays to check with us to see if there is a spot available for you, however note that some retreats are booked months in advance. Safest policy to get the dates you want is, of course, to reserve it with a deposit.

QCan I pay in a series of deposits ?

AWe are happy to come to whatever arrangement works for all involved.

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