Sura Detox Retreats UK Links to Useful Recources

Our guests we have found these useful over the years, as well as sites friendly to our causes and ethics.

Because we are such an ethically-driven company, you will only find links here to people and organisations that further this work in good ways.

We are big beleivers in right livelihood and walking one's path with integrity and direction, so that there are resources to share with our children and grandchildren.

Raw Food Links
Amida's Detox Shop - For all the best, latest and cheapest super foods in town.
Funky Raw Magazine & Shop - Tackling the world's present day ecological / cultural / personal / health disaster.
Raw Runner - The ongoing documentation of an aspiring athlete finding the raw life appropriate to sport.
UK Living Foods Center - Elaine Bruce's center in the UK, for advice and training.
Holistic Retreats - Old friends of Dao runnnig raw food retreats in rural Portugal.
Vegan Nutrition - Vegan or not, its good to know a bit about these things - they affect us all, despite our diet.
Raw Food Classes
The LoveChefs - Prep and eat raw foods with the lovely folk that make our food for you on retreat.
The Raw Food School - Learn how to and why to prepare live, raw foods.
Raw Colonic Therapist in London - Probably the only raw therapist in London, and her center has many other aspects.
Raw Restaurants
Simply Authentic Food Restaurant - Beautiful, ethical restaurant in London with notification of whether the dish is heated.
inSpiral - Combining health with creative media to achieve positive conscious change in a fun way for all!
Pure Food & Wine - Sarma's raw restaurant in New York.
VitaOrganics - Vegan cafe with a juice bar, some raw items on the buffet, and a raw/living foods menu in Wardour Street.
Bronwen Cottage - Raw, Vegan B&B in Anglesey (North Wales).
Café Nama - Situated in the heart of Queens Park (London) and provides raw savoury and sweet dishes, catering, and juice
Raw Food Delivery
Raw Fairies - Raw food delivery service for most of London.
Purely Raw - Raw food delivered direct to your door
Tonic Attack - Get heir Wheatgrass and broccoli sprout juice delivered to your door
Raw Products
Sky Sprouts - Seed sprouting specialists in Devon. Wholesale distributer, and generally lovely folk!
Raw Gaia - world's first skin care products made with cold-pressed, organic and vegan ingredients
Food Resources
About Organics - About Organics – Online directory of UK Organics.
The Happy Cow - A global list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants.
Vegetarian Nutrition - Useful free vegetarian ebook site with recipes to improve your health.
Price-Pottengar Foundation - Famous for their cats. Pulling the plug on FATS.
Energise for Life - A list of Alkaline foods, both cooked and raw.
Borecole Nutrition - A previous client of ours practicing out of Berkshire-based Nutritional Therapy practice that promotes health and healthy ageing through diet and lifestyle by applying the latest nutritional research.
Ethical Consumer Magazine - the UK's leading alternative consumer organisation, researching the social and environmental records of companies and products.
Bio-power UK - Could your car run on Chip fat as ours do? Completely legal... Cheaper than Diesel...
No greenhouse gas emissions... No conversion... Top up on Diesel from the garage if you're low...
Or make your own Bio diesel -,,,,,,,,,;
Recycleworks - An Award Winning website offering a range of great recycling equipment for anyone.
Local Food Web - A comprehensive directory of the good food on your doorstep.
Buy Local Food - Promoting local farmers, producers and suppliers in the South East of England.
The Fairtrade foundation - Otherwise, the money you save funds child labour, poor working conditions, and unsustainable practices. You didn't really think the multi-nationals were footing the bill did you ...
Trade Craft - engaged in innovative and effective trade, providing vital income for producers in over 30 countries.
Enter the Meatrix - This is a MUST for anyone with a conscience and a sense of humour!!!
What the meat industry doesn't want you to see - I DARE any meat eater to see who & what you are employing through the meat and milk industry
Ecosia - Runs on Google tech., but you save 0.1 m² of rainforest for free with each search - millions of acres saved already.
Survival - Keeping the corporations out of the unchartered, untaped resources of tribal peoples.
Soul Haven - Doing good work in hard places, for someone else. Saving biodiversity for our its own sake, and our children's
Avaaz - Petitions to vote, focus attention, allocate resources, and act upon corporate violations, human atrocities, and natural disasters.
38 Degrees - More Ethical Petitions to vote on and generally publicise political and corporate decisions you should have a say on.
Humane Society International - Broader level of petitioning, focused more on ethics rather than politics.
Organic Natural Enterprises - Miessence through Sura Detox - the lotions and potions so harmless that you can eat them !!!”
Not Too Pretty - The very dangerous long-term gamble of using chemistry to beautify - truly scary stuff - I wonder why they don't want us to know...!
The Body's Chemical Load - A quick reference window on the man-made, man-killing chemistry that we take for granted. How it is building in our bodies, and the destructive effects on babies and adults alike..
EcoBaby - A great shopping site to provide caring parents with a wide choice of natural pregnancy, baby and child toiletries.
Tree to my Door - Living gifts, sustainable present, and a thoroughly ethical idea set.
Plants for a Future - Keeping alive the plants of the past - huge plant database downloadable for free - true altruism.
Soil and Health Library - Natural Hygiene books on-line.
Eat More Raw Too - Steve Charter's powerful fusion of permaculture and diet.
Amida's Home Page - International Peace Dance sessions, movement work awareness work, or just buy him on CD ! Booking with Amida outside of the retreats, is best done direct through his own site. However, we will of course forward any mail to him.
Kate's Home Page - Disarmingly in-depth and a clear truth seeker, for your good, not hers. Life Coaching, Homeopathy and Allergy testing. Booking with Kate outside of the retreats, is best done direct through her own site. However, we will of course forward any mail to her.
Unicorn Camps - Modern-day Sufism's "heart-opening" body-prayers, experienced on week-long camps in UK. Where the Sura team all met, a long, long time ago.
Experimental Consciousness Research - If you know that we only use 6% of our brains, you understand why the world is so badly managed!!! But now, research is proving that our evolutionary decline is reversible, by consciously taking all the same turns that evolution took to get us here, plus a few scientific shortcuts.
Read the Synopsis & then order Tony's book - Now being acclaimed by big guns in their relative fields of sleep research, evolution, autism, and psychology. We have built a massively dangerous house of cards on the unquestioned assumption that we are sane. If all science is based upon a false measurement, then how can we expect to progress ? Read the only solid theory that answers why we are so messed-up, and what to do about it!
Vipassana Meditation - Ten day silent retreats using powerful Buddhist practices that increase sensitivity to the body and the self, and in turn, the world.
Passionate Purpose Weekends - Retreats to help define your goals - using NLP & bodywork.
School of Movement Medicine - Ecstatic Dance, movement meditation, liberation and evolution. Workshops in shamanic, devotional, artistic, healing work throughout Europe.
Andy Lovell - The ability to find power, balance and inspiration through life's rhythms. An empowering drum workshop for all ages and abilities.
Wyld Heart - Walking retreats across stunning Dartmoor in Devon, UK, with an intention to connect to the Earth in all its raw beauty.
Winding River Canoe Trips - Paddling down the Wye Valley for 5 days, is one of the most entrancing, enjoyable and relaxing things to be done in this country. A meditation on nature, community, the speed of life in comparison to the timeless stroll of the river.
Homeopathy South West - Classical homeopathy since 1993. Weekly clinics in Totnes, Tavistock, Ashburton, and Stroud area.
Middle Piccadilly Natural Healing Center - Founded in 1986 - One of the UK's first Alternative Healing Centres. Amida's folk's center, offering many different treatments, as well as a venue for others to use.
The Sanctuary - Friends of Dao, who do similar things in Thailand. If you're gonna fly that far, then you might as well get it right, and it is a gorgeous setting.
School of Natural Health Sciences - Correspondence courses on nutrition - with a raw twist!
Wildwise - Wild Foraging, woodcraft, survival skills and generally having fun in nature.
Excellent environmental education and training events for individuals, and groups, public & corporate.
Quiet Earth Project - Centre for Authentic Living: sustainable and straw bale building, yoga, healing, ceremony, retreats and courses.
Qigong Southwest - Qigong classes, workshops, camps and retreats throughout southwest England
Universal Rhythm - Drumming workshops for group events, team building and lots of fun.
Come Alive - Get your life going again. Clear out the old and bring in the new. Distance-learning courses for health,wellbeing and moving forward in life.
Fertility Yoga - Lisa is our previous Yoga teacher, and has started her own fertility yoga clinic in Devon.
Peacock Tree Yoga - Inspired and enjoyable yoga classes in York.
Shiatsu In Totnes - Kirsty's Shiatsu practice in Totnes.
Fasting Connection - All things fasting: resources, books, practitioners, etc.
Gay to Z - Search gay-friendly event listings for the UK.
Ethical Directory - a comprehensive listing of ethically produced goods and services that contains websites and companies offering natural, organic, ethical, fair trade and environment-friendly products and services.
Cycling Holidays - cycling around the world with Dennis and Marijcke.

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