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Global Action and Global Consequence

These days, we have all heard of Global Warming, but few are taking responsibility.

During a retreat, you will probably become more exposed to how you and the planet are interlinked.

Our effect is direct, measurable, inevitable and, more importantly, it is MOSTLY reversible.

Detox Retreat

Our century-long petrol party is going into hangover

Oil Refinery

As individuals creating a company, we believe that our ethical concerns are not only motivation to us, but are an example to many of the people we meet. Therefore, a large part of what we want to achieve, here at Sura, is to show people that in living more closely to what the body requires, you naturally reduce our impact upon the world.

We have taken the time to calculate how much carbon will be emitted into the atmosphere during your stay here. We concluded that the site will burn around 1500kWhours of electricity during your stay.

This amounts to around .65 tonnes of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Plus the transporting of all of the team and our gear here (another .15 tonnes of CO2). It will take 3 trees nearly 100 years to absorb this carbon back into their structures (in the form of sugars, and woodfibre), and the cost of planting and maintaining them for this period is around £5 per tree. Doesn’t sound like much does it? But that is the point. It is as simple, and inexpensive as that.

But this was still not good enough for us!!!

If you look a little deeper behind the thin veneer of the carbon-sequestering companies, you find the same data inconsistencies as you do in the recycling industries; IE: They are an industry, whose major concern is making money. And in the same way that some government linked company made a serious bonus providing every-single household with brown (unrecycled!) plastic bins in which it is now mandatory to place our plastics for recycling (and mostly ends up getting shipped to landfills in China), many of the mathematics involved in carbon recycling are equally skewed !!!

It will take those freshly planted trees another 50 years to become significant carbon absorbers, and even when they do, there are many questions around how effective they’d be. Plus their long-term protection needs to be guaranteed by law for over 100 years, which is questionable anyway.

Also, we do not believe that we can eradicate our mess with this carbon-sequestering idea. Nor do we in anyway encourage the current drive in our culture to attempt to ‘consume our way out of the problem’ with ecological products and services.

Forest Vines

Carbon sequestering by tree planting should not be seen as a way of buying a clean conscience. It is no replacement for energy conservation and efficiency savings. Nothing will beat the reusing of objects, and only after that can the recycling of their components be considered. Our current obsession with recycling is simply an industrial attempt to maintain the consumer frenzy while allaying the guilty conscience – it cannot last.

But by far the most shocking carbon fact today is that the emissions of the entire world’s transport systems put together do not touch the carbon emissions caused by the burning of rainforest in Brazil alone. And of course, the rainforest is the greatest carbon absorber on the planet.

This growing awareness within our culture is forcing even our governments to become aligned with the obvious impacts our daily lives must have. However, as usual, they are slack, backward thinking, and focused upon implications such as economic, rather than human or global.

We are taught to believe that because we elected them, we can trust them to run industry for our benefit – and this was probably a good idea at some point in history, however, the tables have turned as we all know. So, it is now our duty again, to take back this control, and we do so simply by choosing consciously what we spend our money on. The products and services of these massive corporate industries must be bought. So, by changing what we give our money and energy to, we change the parameters that the industries must conform to.

There was a time when someone realized that the pen was now mightier than the sword.

The time has come for us to recognize that the penny is now mightier than the pen!

The connection between physiological and global turmoil

It is now very much within our knowledge that we have had, and are continuing to have, a massive impact upon the Earth. Despite being disregarded and then flagrantly denied by politicians, corporations, and laymen alike, we are now having to face up to the fact that our century-long petrol party is going into hangover.

And the venue for this cheap-fuel binge is looking like a bomb has hit it. And the ominous statement is starting to break through the purple-velvet of our denial "We ain't seen nothing yet !".

At the same time, it is becoming obvious, to all but the most entrenched believers in government spin, that we are in fact NOT the most healthy race that has ever lived, but that actually the children of our generation are the first in history likely to die before their parents, due to obesity, congestive heart failure, and cancers - not to mention the impending ecological disasters.

How could there not be a connection between the fact that both the planet and our own bodies are turning against us - the pinnacle of evolution.

In the talks it is clearly shown that there is much connection, and actually, once it is understood, then there is much we can do to aid change in both situations. Both the Earth and the body are flexible biological systems, based upon an innate need to heal and continue - we just have to stop inhibiting their instinct to do so.

Examples of the health problem

It is all too easy these days to cite atrocities in war, or sympathy provoking stories regarding a child's health story. While being real for the individuals involved, and heart rendering to those who choose to empathise, they are often not that useful in resolving the issue totally. Examples will rarely reveal the root truth, as they are mostly the symptom, not the cause.

So, it is my intention to look at examples only to tease out the theme to which they belong

  • The rapid increase in individual health instability, as a country starts its long climb toward development, despite the statistics to the contrary. This has long been ignored by the nutritionists, and world health organisations, who continue to quote the outdated and misleading statistics they are provided with. They do not question the statistics any more than the stupendous rise in organ failure (Diabetes), System degradation (Osteoporosis), and congestive disorders (Heart Failure), that they see suddenly in their respective countries.
  • Why is it that a dog can drink from a puddle, but I must have fresh, clean water. I thought I was higher in the evolutionary chain than a dog, yet my system is clearly weaker than his.
  • Why must I have lotions, potions, poultices and concoctions to keep me free from disease, when all other animals have a functional immune system that requires no such support. I thought I was the pinnacle of evolution.
  • While the decreased infant mortality in developing nations does much to plump up the figures, there is clearly a lowering of longevity of those that survive past their fifth birthday.
  • If we really are surpassing ourselves (and nature) in health techniques, why do we constantly need greater numbers of doctors and nurses per capita - surely when one is winning a battle, it is necessary to have less soldiers, rather than more. I would take that alone as a symptom of a battle being lost, not won.

The History of our predicament

Bill Mollison

Our ability to change the face of the earth increases at a faster rate
than our ability to foresee the consequence of such change.

Bill Mollison - Permaculture Founder

The Human being's development was in keeping with the rest of his fellow animals until we mysteriously left the jungles around 100,000 years ago.. At this point it is noted from the fossil record, that our extraordinary brain cavity started to shrink. This lays to rest the old (and actually long-dead) idea that we expanded our brain through tool use in the theorized "Savanna" period of our development. In actuality, we were almost fully endowed prior to the Stone-age, which constitutes our earliest known period. So, clearly something happened in the forest to grow this magnificent brain and since we left our ancestral home, it has been shrinking !

The primary factors upon which his body learned to sustain its health where what we now call Exercise, Clean Air, Fresh Water and a mostly vegan diet, based upon fruit & flowers, consisting entirely of Raw Foods. Clearly, these would have been rudimentary, and not considered choices, they just constituted life in the forest.

The changes that have been impacting us have arrived with ever greater frequency, and each with more import than the last. Cooking is only 10,000 years old, sedentary lifestyles didn't hit the masses until less than 100 years ago, and pollution is even newer. We have managed to change almost every factor that constitutes health - much to our detriment

Even the 10,000 year period is infinitely small in evolutionary terms, and thus our bodies have been able to make almost NO SIGNIFICANT ADAPTATIONS to this new environment. Our body's only means of dealing with these new issues is to utilize the defence mechanisms that were designed to be used rarely, in extremes - thus, they become worn and stressed, eventually dysfunctioning completely.

Probable sequence is as follows:

  • There is evidence to suggest that we have been cooking foods for around 10,000 years, though it is greatly debated. Possibly 20,000 some "experts" say.

  • The Industrial revolution greatly increased our ability to deprive resources in certain places to amass them in others. Thus a few live from unprecedented abundance - resulting in lethargy, apathy and congestive disorders, while the masses suffer from lack, poverty and malnourishment conditions. And this continues to progress.

  • Addition of industrial wastes into the food chain was the next assault. Aluminum manufacturing wastes in the form of Chlorine and Fluoride added to drinking water. Petrochemical by-products such as detergents, introduced around the 1930s, to wash dishes, floors and food, pass through us and our homes, into the ground water and rivers, destroying water resources worldwide, and eradicating natural balances from the aquifers & oceans.

    Finally, and most obviously, the switching of industries from producing nerve gas to insecticides and atom bombs into fertilizers as the biggest was on man ended, and they had to find something else to produce. Thus a war upon man transformed into a war on nature with as little economic stress as possible...

  • Finally, since the explosion of petrol-burning machines (industrial and social), we are significantly and most rapidly, since the last 100 years, degrading the very air we all breath.

Is it any wonder that we are suffering from more and more unpredictable chronic conditions, when we fail to address the fact that we have changed the basic premises of our biological life on Earth. This alone could be the root of all problems in our physiological, social and global situation. There is nothing more profound in our current situation than the phenomenal changes in circumstance that we have made, and what could be accomplished by reversing them.

This CAN change. This MUST change. This WILL change. This IS CHANGING...

Until the major governing bodies can act upon the above points, we are left with the option of maintaining our health as best we can in the face of these changes.

And this we can do, as individuals, as groups, as communities, and eventually as a race.

When you believe that only you hold the key to your own health, then miracles can truly be worked!

We can see already that our culture's faith in medical procedures is being eroded, by the endless stream of "alternative therapies" now available. But unless we are careful, our faith will simply be shifted from the "chemical" to more "natural" sources of suppressants. Whereas the simple profound truth is to understand that our bodies have all that they need to provide us with perfect health, if they are supplied with a good, varied diet of fresh ripe fruits and raw vegetables, and left to detoxify themselves when they need to, despite the feelings of discomfort and inconvenience that this may initially raise in us.

The steps leading to this point are just as simple, but need to be carefully followed. For example, too swift an entry into an all raw food diet can send the body into detox too quickly, the mind of the person will be filled with doubts, anxieties and cravings (as this is what is being eliminated from the system), and one will almost always discontinue the attempt, claiming that it is not "right for me". Patience, gradual changes and wisdom are required in the process of changing one's lifestyle.

Almost everything that we have been taught to eat is cooked and processed in numerous ways. In fact it is called "health food" if it contains ANY of the original nutrients by the time it gets to the shelf. Why don't we use the term "sickness food" for those which have been processed, refined, reconstituted, otherwise denatured, or even created in laboratories?

You aren't what you eat. You are only what your digestive system assimilates.

Every atom of every cell - you have truly eaten yourself into being!

If you cannot eat it raw, maybe we should ask why that is, before we cook it anyway!

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