The Colonic Option on your Detox Retreat

Colonics are NOT essential to the detox program. 


If you would rather let nature take its course whilst fasting, you are encouraged to do so, as long as you understand that colonics make the detox much more efficient.

Below we have an explanation of colonic systems we use.

Simple & Gentle Detox Colonics

The colon is a sorrowfully ignored organ in most people, despite its vital role in health.

It tends towards laziness through a fibreless diet, and often becomes twisted out of shape through a heavy emotional burden. Much of this can be benefited through a simple rest from stress and food.

And it is during that time that simple, efficient and gentle colonics can work wonders with the bowel

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Detox without Colonics?

Some people just find the idea unappealing, others have specific medical conditions that preclude colonic therapy.

Note: The colonic system we use is designed for people with normal mobility, if you are particularly large or inflexible (IE: you cannot reach you own anus comfortably) you will not be able to perform them satisfactorily. Please read on to find out how the fast can still be very beneficial for you.

Whatever your reason, because our Holistic approach erodes the problem from many angles, it is fine to decline one or two of them, as long as it is understood that the more angles we can cover, the more integrated the result.

Though colonics are the fastest way to move toxins out of the body, juice or water fasting is very beneficial on it's own and all the positive effects still apply. There are alternatives to the colonic procedure, such as using enemas with a good massage, and fasting alone without hydrotherapy. To find out more about the possibilities, and for more information on what is contraindicated, please contact us personally.

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* Disclaimer: Any health benefits and results expressed on this page or in our testimonials will vary form person to person.