Why are Colonics part of your Detox Retreat?

Colonics are the best way to cleanse the colon.

Within the context of a fasting retreat, in which Psyllium is used to carry material into the colon from the small intestines, colonics are used to clear the colon of this toxic debris. Nothing is more efficient.

There are some choices on the methods of irrigation - see more here

Physical Benefits of Colonics on retreat

Why Colonics on Detox Retreats

The Colon (large intestine) is the penultimate stage in the digestive system. It is designed to absorb vitamins and minerals released from digesting food. They are carried through the intestinal lining on the water being pumped from the mix of foods and digestive juices. Eliminated toxins and metabolic wastes are left to be removed from the body.

Habitual eating of cooked and refined foods encourages the regular secretion of mucous along the whole of the intestine, furthermore, it destroys the fibre necessary to keep the bowel swept clean, thus the Colon becomes clogged with old debris.

Once blocked, the backing-up of material puts pressure on the bowel wall distorting it tremendously, then our earliest social trainings have left it sorrowfully cramped with pent-up emotions, further inhibiting the movement of waste matter, and blocking optimal absorption of nutrients through the membrane.

The other eliminative organs (liver, skin etc.) then have to perform beyond their capacity, and they in turn will become tired and blocked. The problems this causes are known to us at the surface level as "dis-eases", while their true causes remain hidden to the naked eye.

The supplements and colonics on our detox program help to clear the intestines, massively increases digestive and assimilative ability, and allowing both the liver and the lymphatic system to drain properly during the detox.

A Bum Deal

Of all the organs in the body, the bowel is without doubt the most ignored and defiled. It is a subject that is avoided if possible, and briefed over in as pleasant a way as possible when it is necessary to discuss it. However, it is a vital part of our make-up, and there is a strong connection between the bowel's lowly status, its functional problems, and subsequent need for repair. It can be a great lesson to us. It is calling for our attention...

The bowel is best likened to the sewer system of a house. As with any system it will occasionally need maintenance and clearing. To do this in a house, it is necessary to stop the flow of material passing through it, for long enough for someone to do the repairs and shift any blockages!

How could this person do the repair job properly without first stemming the flow ?

It is the same for the body - a rest is needed for clearance to take place, only then will the body make real headway with its internal cleansing. Many years of backed-up waste from the small intestines, Liver, Pancreas, Lymph System, fat reserves, and even muscle structures, is released into the Colon for evacuation. But it must be cleared of previous wastes to be able to deal with new ones.

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The Stresses of Pressure

When one considers the tremendous amount of food consumed, and the combinations we have invented, it is no wonder that the body is not able to fully clean out even its own sewer system.

No sooner has it started the process of cleansing, than another meal arrives to be digested, leaving no time clean its own metabolic wastes, let alone that of the digestion process.

With such amounts of material being forced along without sufficient fibre to exercise the muscles which form the intestine, they become atrophied and will balloon out from the pressures created by other muscles working.

Moreover, gases from the fermentation processes force them still further out of shape, and toxifies them into rigid and weak structures, rather than flexible and strong muscles.

Bowel Ballooning

Deformed Colons

All muscles are prone to tension through emotional stimuli, but those of the bowel are especially at risk, as they have no bone structure to resist their constriction. Due to the weakening effects of toxic products in the bowel, the Peristaltic muscles can fall into an ever-tightening pattern. Unable to relax fully, the muscle becomes more and more toxic because blood flow is inhibited by this tension. The muscle thus becomes evermore suffocated, and stews in its own metabolic wastes. Once griped, the muscles cannot release, and the cycle of degenerative cycle needs a powerful catalyst to break it.

As food continues to be forced into these bottle-necks, the pressure in preceding chambers increases, and the weakened bowel wall there can bucket outwards, forming balloons.

On its way through the 8 metres (28 feet) of intestinal tract, the food is lubricated by a slippery mucous, produced by the sensitive linings that transport it. Foods that are found to contain pathogenic material, or encourage unfriendly bacteria will need more mucous secreted to move them through the system faster, and in doing so the intestinal lining protects itself from being damaged by these components.

The fibre within natural foods aid a clean intestinal wall, as well as toning the muscles structure. Food that does not contain this fibrous aspect (due to cooking and processing) will not have this effect, slowing the passage of food though the system, and encouraging the proliferation of detrimental materials.

This combination of elements make it a very powerful feedback loop that leaves the immune system clearing toxic waste and bacterial overgrowth, weakens the Peristaltic Muscle Structure, and otherwise hinders one's natural state of health.

The Old Mucous Story


The old idea of yards of trapped, hardened mucous inside the bowel is mostly discredited these days through our advancing techniques of being able to see the bowel in action. Although this is high controversial - especially in 'alternative' circles - the reality is that the bowel is rarely laden with old mucous.

However, this does NOT negate the benefits of these colon cleansing techniques, as the clients of such procedures are obviously lighter and healthier for it. Just because the description is not correct has little to do with the efficacy of the process.

The bulk of the material lost during colonics (when combined with this style of fasting) is mostly just the Psyllium Husk taken during the week. No surprise there, as there is an endless supply of it going in - it must go somewhere. However, its colour - ranging anywhere from beige, green, brown and black (or dyed by the juice drunk) evidences the physiology of the detox process.

Because of the lack of food, the body goes into a process of consuming all the old matter in the system (thus the 'cleanse'), and all this waste material must be cleared from the blood by the liver. The liver, in turn, eliminates it along with the bile into the bowel. This then gets absorbed by the Psyllium husks, giving it is distinctive new colours. The resulting mix is then brought from the body via the colonics.

How Colonics Help on a Detox Retreat

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The colonics help by completing the circuit: Removing the wastes long before they get the chance to become reabsorbed through the colon wall back into the blood stream to be reprocessed.

As mentioned earlier, while a series of Colonic cleanses during this detox process is the most efficient way of eliminating this waste from the body, it is not essential, as the bowel would move of its own accord anyway. To keep the bowel flowing quickly without colonics, we administer a herbal mix that stimulates this action.

Taking a Shower Inside

The motion of the water flushing around, being massaged about, and finally being driven out of the Colon by its own peristaltic responses has a multitude of effects.

  • The chunks of old debris and psyllium are dislodged by the massaging, and carried out in the water.

  • The expansion of the Colon will ease the tensions of the Peristaltic muscles, and help bring out their associated emotions.

  • The contraction of the Colon wall to expel the water will exercise the muscle reflexes.

  • Attention to what is happening inside, will provide a new awareness of how these muscles work, and how they feel.

  • The expelled material can give clues to which areas of the intestines need the most attention.

For the courageous:
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On the Inside

A smooth, clean intestine, with no cramped or ballooned muscles is almost non-existent today. Usually there are numerous places where pockets or constrictions are easily visible.

The resulting evacuations are often strange, but explainable. Shedding light upon areas of the person's health that need to be looked at in new ways.

The material itself, once expelled is gone forever, but the lessons learned from it can last a lifetime...

Occasionally an entire layer of this hardened psyllium will be eliminated, and will hold its form, even after passage through the bowel.

It can be as hard and dark as tyre rubber, 10cm across and many meters long, leading to some very dramatic and graphic explanations over the years.

Rest assured it is best out, regardless of the description.

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