Colon Cleaning Options

There are numerous approaches, attitudes and beliefs about Colonics.

As it evolved from Bernard Jensen's original extensions from enemas, it took on a life beyond him, and has resulted in what is now defined as the clinical practice that most people know today. To put this back in its proper context it may be useful to take a look at the pros and cons of these highly mechanised forms versus the simplicity of the original ideas.

Mechanised Vs Gravity-fed Colonics

The ability to clean your own Colon Vs using a machine

The Home Colonic is a much more gentle process, involving simply a bucket, a colonic board, a toilet and a tube.

As the only force used is gravity, you get to decide when to eliminate, which puts the bowel back in control of its actions, and practices all the right muscle groups.

Basically, it puts your body back in the driver's seat, and you can either pay great attention to the process, or switch off and let the bowel do its thing.

The mechanical colonics, as with most medical procedures, is sterile and convenient, with the therapist doing the work and making the decisions, by operating the expensive gadgetry.

Because the bowel is full of food prior to the cleanout, this constitutes much of the extricated material.

The client of this procedure may gain a cleaner Colon, yet remains a client forever - believing that their health is in the hands of a stranger and a machine. This need not be so.

Detox Retreat

Medical Care Vs Home Care

Effects of receiving specialized treatments Vs learning the 'How to' of basic procedures

While using the Colonic board, the first thing you will note is the simplicity of the system, which you will be taught to construct yourself. "I could do this at home" is a common statement.

Physiologically - you have a cleaner Colon; Emotionally - you might have expressed associated memories and feelings held in the Peristaltic muscles;

Physically -you have increased your knowledge of how your system works;

Psychologically - you are empowered by knowing that it was YOU that just cleaned your Colon and you can do it again - alone.

In visiting a mechanized hydrotherapist, you are paying not only for the special treatment, but also for their training in the use of a powerful machine and the expensive machine itself.

While you will probably enjoy the friendliness of the therapist, there is rarely room for the emotional or truly energetic expression which often accompany toxic releases.

You are bowled out onto the street feeling somewhat raw and exposed.

Your only choice is when to return for another session.

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One-off Sessions Vs Retreat Courses

Undergoing Colonic sessions within the framework of your life: "intensive" Versus "sporadic"

Colonics are a great instigator of emotional reflection, as the Colon's muscle structure is home to so many long-held tensions.

With the massaging effects of the Colonic, and the detoxing of these muscles, more than just old mucous is shed. Whilst on retreat, you have ensured yourself the space and time to travel through everything that comes up.

Visiting a therapist for an hour or so, undergoing the treatment, and then returning to your daily world is an efficient way to introduce a cleanse into a busy life. It allows you to continue your regular schedule almost uninterrupted.

Often there is a short lived feeling of elation after the propelling of this matter.

Detox Retreat

Bacterial Washout & Reinhabitation

Both good & bad exist everywhere,
but you can choose which to feed
  • A yearly week-long course, minimizes bacterial losses, with only one washout and reinhabitation of bacteria every year.
  • Moreover, this course will endevour to show that lactobacteria proliferate during controlled fermentation of vegetables.
  • This process enhances a personal relationship between your body and your health, via the processes of nature - naturally.
  • By undergoing regular mechanized Colonic treatments - the detrimental loss of friendly bacterial is significant.
  • After every colonic session these microbes must be reintroduced to the bowel - usually with debatable effects.
  • This "need" for pharmacology further enhances disempowerment through having to BUY health, outside of yourself.

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