Colonics - Examination

Colonics are the best way to cleanse the colon.

Within the context of a fasting retreat, in which Psyllium is used to carry material into the colon from the small intestines, colonics are used to clear the colon of this toxic debris. Nothing is more efficient.

Understanding the material expelled from the Colon

Remember, this material is not Mucoid Plaque (see mucus article here) any more than it is faecal matter. It is made almost entirely of psyllium husks, but loaded with the outflow from the liver - the real workhorse in any detox process, and the real magic in the healing.

The following picture was taken after a single colonic, on the fifth day of a detox retreat with us. It is laid out on an A4 sheet of paper, as an indication of size.

Examination of expelled matter can be very revealing, if you have the stomach for it.

The results indicate that this Colon is in pretty good shape - as evidenced by the visible impressions of the even sacculations (peristaltic muscles), and centre lines upon the resulting psyllium.

Move mouse over top half of photo to reveal centrelines (Teania Coli) of Colon.

The lower part of the picture indicates ballooning and constriction points within the bowel, and possibly the small intestines (see more in Mucus Article).

However, because the final part of the bowel tends to dehydrate things, the form and shape of the result is best seen as a guide to the lower bowel (the colon). The Small Intestines cannot be specifically indicated, as the psyllium left them a while ago, and their impressions have probably been reformed into those of the colon. However, we do know that the fibrous action of psyllium husks works wonders in sweeping and invigorating the entire digestive tract, so good work goes on there too.

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