Putting your health back in your hands for 20 years

We have a strong ethical content to everything we do, and running the retreats has become a means of doing deep work with people that can result in great change in their lives.

Knowing this, we hold your safety, well-being, and environmental factors with great integrity.You will feel this when you arrive.

Detox venue

Through education and support, we seek to enable you to take back the life that is yours. We aim to empower you with the confidence to know that the healthy lifestyle you want is possible and easy to achieve. You will be encouraged to understand where you are in your life, and to foster an atmosphere of tenderness and empathy for yourself. We do this because we believe that only from this place can you begin to make new choices and create a life for yourself that is passionate with possibility.

Every aspect of what we do is greatly considered, and much time is taken to listen and respond to the multitude of useful feedback we have received over the years, thus the programme has been honed according to the need of the guests, rather than our own preferences. Each team member is given carte blanc over their area of speciality, so that they can craft it to their requirements and feel a deep sense of ownership over what they bring to the whole.

Being one of the first two detox retreats in the UK, we have dealt with more people, seen more healings, coached people through more challenges, and needed more rest than other detox companies. We have honed our skills, techniques and programme to better serve our guests, and ourselves - yes, we need positivity and rest too. That is why we run them only once a month, and why our care and attention is unparalleled in this industry. Running people through the conveyor-belt and ourselves into the ground was never on the cards, and never will be. It is about teaching by doing, and leading by example.

Caroline M.- Realter

April 2014

detox retreat testimonials I've lost a whopping 9lbs. Again. We're like a family going on a journey, and coming out like shining pennies.detox retreat testimonials

Jai A.- Author

April 2014

detox retreat testimonials The fast really helped me achieve a clear state of mind and has been incredibly cleansing.So educational, and so good.detox retreat testimonials

Louise H.- Retired NHS

Feb 2014

detox retreat testimonials This has changed my life. These guys aren't selling you something. They really do care. detox retreat testimonials